Yamato FO200CR Muffle Furnace w/ Com. Port (3.75L) 100~1150°C, 115v

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FO200CR Programmable Muffle Furnace (3.75L) w/ Communication Port, 100~1150°C





Model FO100CR
Operating temp. range 100~1150°C
Temp. control accuracy ±2°C (at 1150 ° C)
Max. temp. reaching time ~60min. ~60min. ~70min. ~70min.
Exterior material Cold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin finish
Internal material Ceramic fiber
Sensor R-thermocouple
Heater Iron-chrome wire
1kW 1.5kW 2kW 2.2kW
Exhaust port ø20mm (top)
Cooling Fan Type Axial fan motor
Temp. controller PID control by microprocessor
Temp. setting/display method Digital setting by▲/▼ keys / Digital display
Operation function Fixed temperature, quick auto stop, auto stop, auto start, program (maximum 6 patterns: 30 steps x 1 pattern, 15 steps x 2 patterns, or 10 steps x 3 patterns)
Additional functions Calibration off-set, power failure compensation, lock, RS485 communication interface
Timer 1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. and 100 Hrs. to 999 Hrs.
Safe Device Self-diagnostic (memory error, heater disconnection, sensor error, SSR short circuit), Electric leakage breaker, Overheat prevention device
Internal dimensions WxDxH 100×150×100 mm 100×250×150 mm 200×250×150 mm 200×300×150 mm
External dimensions WxDxH 346×405×517 mm 346×505×567 mm 446×505×567 mm 446×554×567 mm
Internal capacity 1.5L 3.75L 7.5L 9L
Power source (50/60Hz) AC115V 10A
AC220V 5A
AC115V 14.5A
AC220V 7.5A
AC115V 19A
AC220V 9.5A
AC220V 10.5A single phase
Weight ~24kg ~30kg ~37kg ~38kg
Accessories Exhaust port cap 1 pc.
Warranty 1 Year Warranty



Avoid delays and save time at work with Yamato’s standard lab muffle furnaces. Our muffle furnace models are a cut above the rest because of their capacity to supply reliable, consistent high heat. We made sure to add top-quality parts that sustain high-temperature uniformity for your applications. Our standard units have energy-saving ceramic fiber as the internal material, an iron-chrome wire heater, and tightly sealed doors, which is highly beneficial when the maximum temperature exceeds 1000°C. Not only that, but they also have microprocessor-controlled thermoregulators, which provide outstanding repeatability.



  • Easy-to-use controller

  • Comes with communication ports
  • High-temperature accuracy at ±2.0°C
  • Upgraded with long-life R-thermocouple sensors
  • Excellent heat tightness with a firmly sealed chamber door
  • Comes with a wide selection of space-saving compact units with a maximum inner capacity
  • Program operation of a maximum of 6 patterns: 30 steps x 1 pattern, 15 steps x 2 patterns, or 10 steps x 3 patterns.
  • Safety features include self-diagnostic functions, calibration off-set, lock function, auto-recovery after power failure, earth leakage breaker, and automatic overheat prevention device.
  • Selectable options include an exhaust system unit, N₂ gas loading device (with a flow meter), a temperature output terminal, a time up/alarm output terminal, and a sample tray.
  • Available in 220v (7.5A) 50-60Hz, Pn# FO-210CR, Same Price.



Used for high-temperature applications such as fusing glass, creating enamel coatings, ceramics, soldering and brazing metals, alloying, fusion, heat treating, melting, annealing, metallurgy, mining, environmental testing, pharmaceutical development, R&D, and more.


PDF (Catolog): Yamato (FO) Series Muffle Furnaces (Standard)

PDF (Overview): Yamato (F0-FP) Series


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