Yamato RE601 Rotary Evaporator Digital (Main Unit Only), 100-240v

Product no.: RE-601

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RE601 Rotary Eaporator (Main Unit Only) DIGITAL 100-240V 1.5A, 50-60Hz, 1 Year Warranty 


Yamato Rotary Evaporators, models RE301/601/801, are easily raised or lowered by the simple operation of a switch. Model RE801 can be pre-set so that when the operation of the rotary evaporator ceases, the unit will be raised.

The evaporator's motor speed (rpm), vacuum (degrees), and vapor temperature can be digitally set and displayed. Experimental conditions and steps during a reaction can be saved and repeated in the future. Display language: Japanese or English. (In model RE-300/301 only the rpm of the motor can be digitally displayed).


Features of RE601 and RE801

  • One-touch electric lift for easy up-and-down movement
  • Digital setting and display for motor speed (rpm), vacuum, and vapor temperature
  • Stable rotation at low and high speeds
  • Unique durable vacuum seal suitable for up to 2L flasks
  • One-touch operation for displaying and saving operating conditions
  • Equipped with a lift-up switch in the event of a power outage
  • The rotary joint’s locking position is adjustable up to 80 mm; useful when using evaporating flasks with varying capacities or when there is a need to shift the vacuum seal’s contact position (Patent No. 3220033)
  • A vertical condenser prevents liquid from stagnating.  New condenser tubes (type A&B) are designed to increase cooling capacity with a 20% larger surface area (Patent No. 4597021)
  • The evaporating flask can be released easily and quickly by turning the flask release nut
  • Compact, fits into any fume hood
  • Universal power supply: works with 100-240VAC


PDF Catalog: RE-601/801 Series Rotary Evaporators, 100-240v





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