Gyrozen 1580R Multi-Purpose (High-Speed) Refrigerated Centrifuge (3L), 15Krpm

Product no.: GZ-1580R-1

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1580R Multi-Purpose (3L) High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, 15000 rpm


Applications: Ideal high-speed centrifuges for general laboratory applications, including biological sample separations of cellular materials, RNA/DNA, peptides, blood, urine, sperm, and ideal for cellular and molecular biology work, clinical preparations, industrial applications, etc.



Max. RPM / Fixed angle 15000 rpm Max. RPM / Swing-out 5000 rpm
Max. RCF / Fixed angle 25910 x g Max. RCF / Swing-out 5394 x g
Max. capacity / Fixed angle 6 x (250 & 15) ml, 30 x 1.5/2.0 ml Max. capacity / Swing-out 4 x 750 ml, 80 x 15 ml, 16 MTPs
Temp range (℃) - 20℃ to 40℃ FAST cool button Yes
Time control Pulse, timed < 10 hr or continuous Time counting range Selectable, at a set speed or from starting
RCF/RPM conversion Yes Noise level (dependent on rotor) ≤60 dB
ACC/DEC ramps 9/10 Program memory 100
Parameters on display window RPM (RCF), Open Status, Lid Open/Close, Hr: Min, Temp, ACC, DEC Display White LCD
Automatic Rotor Identification Yes Imbalance cut-off Yes
Safety lid lock Yes Lid drop protection Yes
Motorized lid open & close Yes Power supply (V/Hz) 110V/50-60Hz (220V optional)
Power Requirement (kVA) 2.5 Dimension (W x D x H) 770 x 650 x 390 mm
Weight without rotor 93 kg CE MARK Yes
Cat. No. GZ-1580R-1    (110v, 50-60Hz) Warranty 2 Years, 3 Years on Compressor
Cat. No. GZ-1580R-2    (220v, 50-60Hz) Rotor Warranty 5 Years




  • The multi-purpose large-capacity centrifuges are designed for large-volume daily-working laboratories.
  • Max. speed of 15,000 rpm with high capacity and a large assortment of rotors.
  • Fast cooling function to 4c in 5 minutes for the fast start-up of cooled samples. 
  • The compressor-off function when the lid is open minimizes unnecessary cooling and frosting. 
  • An intuitive control interface with numeric input buttons allows easy setting and editing of running conditions.
  • Selectable time mode of "at set SPEED" for counting running time only when the rotor reaches the set speed.
  • A separate "PULSE" key for a quick spin.
  • Parameters can be changed during operation.
  • The key lock function helps the set parameters secured during operation.
  • With motorized lid mechanics, only a gentle touch is sufficient to close and open the lid.
  • Lid drop protection design allows easy and safe loading or unloading of samples.
  • A large assortment of rotors, buckets, and adaptors support diverse applications doable with one instrument.

YouTube_Logo_Arrow_RightQuality Manufacture "Made in Korea"   


If you are a Sorvall, Beckman, IEC, Hettich, Hermle, Heraeus, or Eppendorf end user give us a call, we have the rotor systems to fit your applications at a BETTER PRICE! Look at our rotor selection, we have the rotor volume and "g" force to handle all your lab needs. If you are replacing an old centrifuge, we can apply a discount against your purchase and also pick up your old centrifuge. After the warranty period, we offer Service Contracts on all our Gyrozen Centrifuges. 


Optional Rotors

 Some of the following rotors are interchangeable with the Gyrozen GZ-1248, GZ-1248R, GZ-1580, and GZ-1580R Tabletop Centrifuges, including the GZ-1236R (Floor Model) Refrigerated Centrifuge.


Gyrozen_1580R_Family_of_FAR-SOR_Starting_with_GRF-G-250-6 Gyrozen_1580R_Family_of_FAR-SOR_Starting_with_GRS-G-750-4

Certified by Porton Down
G_GRBB-b100-100_x_6_SOR_BioSeal_5-13-21 G_GRBB-B750-750_Bucket_BioSeal_5-13-21

GRS-G-100-6 w/ 100ml "Bio-Safe" Buckets                      GRF-G-750-4 w/  750ml "Bio-Safe" Buckets






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