Yamato CF802A Refrigerated Water Circulator (Chiller), -20°C, 16 Liters, 115v

Product no.: CF-802A

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CF802A Refrigerated Water Circulator (Chiller) -20°C, 15.5 Liters, for all Rotary Evaporators, 115v


Powerful and water-saving closed cooling system with excellent cooling capacity



  • Environment-friendly coolant used for refrigeration
  • Compact and space-saving to fit on laboratory tables and limited space

CF302LA / CF312LA

  • User-friendly controller
  • Easy maintenance of air intake filter
  • The rotatable connector can freely be moved and be set in the desired orientation
  • Convenient drainage of wastewater
  • Features calibration offset function which compensates for the discrepancy between actual liquid temperature and display temperature
  • Auto resume function allows the user to select whether to resume operation or to remain on standby at the time of recovery from power failures


  • Waterproof touch panel with big LED display and sheet key for easier setting
  • Less energy use and less cooling capacity loss by fixing the heat-resistant lid
  • Powerful cooling and big energy saver in combination with rotary evaporator distillation
  • Up to 4 rotary evaporators can be connected saving investment and operation cost


PDF (Catalog): Yamato CF302/800 Series Water Circulator (Chiller) Catalog     YouTube_Logo_Arrow_RightCF302LA Water Circulator Introduction Video         


Circulation Type Closed circulation/ tap water, anti-freeze solution
(below 10°C)
Closed circulation / tap water, anti-freeze solution (over 10°C)
Operating Ambient Temp. Range 5 to 35°C
Temp. Setting Range *¹ -20°C ~ 30°C (no heating function)
Temp. Control Accuracy *² ±1.0 °C (≥ 0°C)
±1.5 °C (< 0°C)
Temp. Fluctuation *² 3.0 °C (≥ 0°C)
4.0 °C (< 0°C)
Cooling Capacity (Liquid Temp) *² ~420W at 10°C
~280W at -10°C
~1320W at 10°C
~700W at -10°C
Max. Flow Rate *³ ~10L/min. ~14L/min.
Max. Head *³ ~5.7m ~14.3m
Temperature Control Refrigerator on/off control
Temperature Sensor Pt100Ω
Controller White LED digital display, key entry, minimum digit of 1°C
Refrigeration System / Rated Performance Air cooling, 450W Air cooling, 700W
Refrigerant R404A R410A
Cooling Coil Copper/Nickel plating 304 stainless steel
External Circulation Connection Port Rear top panel, single line
One-touch connector (swivel type, L type)
Flow rate valve (optional)
Rear top panel, single line
One-touch connector (swivel type, L type)
Flow rate valve
Safety Device Overcurrent ELCB, temp. sensor failure, temp. upper/lower limit alert, temp. upper/lower limit error, refrigerator high pressure cut-off switch fan motor protection, circulation pump protection, delay timer for refrigerator protection, overcurrent protection fuse (service outlet) for CF802, refrigerator overload relay (CF802)
Other Functions Drain hose, condensate drain hose, Intake dust filter, cooling operation key, circulating pump key, calibration offset, auto-resume function, service outlet (2A) for CF802
Water Bath Material Stainless Steel
Water Bath Capacity ~3.9L (Liquid volume 3.5L) ~15.5L (Liquid volume 14L)
Power Source (50/60Hz) Single phase AC115V 7.5A with plug
AC220V 4A no plug, round terminal
AC115V 15A with plug
External Dimension WxDxH (Including Protrusions) 205 x 396 x 535 mm
(225 x 434 x 564 mm)
340 × 370 × 838 mm
(340 × 408 × 920 mm)
Weight ~31kg ~44kg
Included Accessories Condensation drain hose(1m)(1), Hose clamp (2), Hose nozzle (for flexible hose connection)(2), spare fuse for service outlet 2A (1) for CF802
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

*¹ Unit does not feature a heating function. Depending on ambient temperature or connection conditions, the temperature may not reach -20°C.
*² Performance based on 115V/220V supplied power and 20°C ambient temp. Temp. control accuracy and temp fluctuation are standards calculated according to JTM K05 and JIS respectively.
*³ Pump performance based on tap water at 20°C





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