Lab Companion™ Paddle-A Type Impeller (70x80mm x 500mm L), PTFE Coated

Product no.: BEA0570151

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Lab Companion™


BEA0570151 Paddle-A Type Impeller (70x80mm x 500mm Lenght), PTFE coated, (Right-View), each


PTFE Coated Impellers

Cat. No. Blade
(WxH, mm / inch)
(Ø, mm / inch)
(mm / inch)
BEA0570091 60x18 / 2.36x0.71 8 / 0.31 500 / 19.69
BEA0570101 76x17 / 2.99x0.67 8 / 0.31 500 / 19.69
BEA0570111 80x50 / 3.15x1.97 8 / 0.31 500 / 19.69
BEA0570121 80x40 / 3.15x1.57 8 / 0.31 500 / 19.69
BEA0570141 70 / 2.76 8 / 0.31 500 / 19.69
Paddle A
BEA0570151 78x80 / 3.07x3.15 8 / 0.31 500 / 19.69


  • Propeller impellers
    Standard grade stainless steel with Teflon shaft produces an-axial flow stir between the bot-tom and top levels of a sample with local shearing force. Used at medium or high speeds for mixing normal range level viscosity samples.


  • Turbine impellers
    A radial flowing stir from the top and bottom levels of a sample with a powerful, high shearing turbulent force. Used ideally for the gassing of liquids and mixing medium to high range level viscosity samples.


  • Half-moon impellers / Centrifugal impellers
    Tiltable moon-shaped and blade shaft produces a normal axial flow percentage mixing of samples. Used with round bo-ttom shaped containers, medium mixing speed, and samples ranging from low to medium visco-sity levels.


  • Anchor impellers / Paddle impellers
    An anchored shaft that produces a strong tangential flow with a high shearing percentage force on samples with medium to high viscosity level with speed setting in the low to medium range.


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