Lab Companion™ BC-01H Clean Bench, Vertical Laminar Flow (Advanced), 120v

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BC-01H Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench (Advanced), 120v


Vertical laminar flow clean benches with advanced digital control and various convenient features.


Model BC-01H BC-11H BC-21H

Airflow type

Vertical laminar flow

Air volume (minimum / maximum)

0 to 1020 cmh / 0 to 600 cfm

0 to 2040 cmh / 0 to 1200 cfm

Laminar airflow velocity (m / s / fpm)

0.3 / 59

0.45 / 89

0.3 / 59

Air cleanliness within workspace

ISO 14644-1 class 4, US Federal Standard 209E class 10


HEPA filter

Typical efficiency of 99.99% on 0.3㎛ (US MIL- STD -282)

; Micro glass fiber Media, Particle board, AL separator, Neoprene gaskets


Polyester fibers with a filter efficiency of 85% (A·F·I TEST)

; Aluminum frame, Polyester fiber media

Noise level 

Typically < 65dB at blower speed


Main body

Steel powder coating

Work surface

Stainless steel grade 304, Hairline treatment

Windows (front / side)

Colorless and transparent UV-absorbing 5mm tempered glass


Intensity (lux)

> 650

Fluorescent lamp (W)

30 x 2ea

32 x 2ea

Electronically ballasted Fluorescent Lamp

UV lamp (W)

25 x 1ea

30 x 1ea

25 x 2ea

Electronically ballasted UV Lamp

Electric socket outlets

230V socket

Dimension (W×D×H)

Interior (mm / inch)







Exterior without stand (mm / inch)







Exterior with stand (mm / inch)







Net weight (body) (kg / lbs)

140 / 308.6

185 /407.9

225 / 496

Net weight (body + stand) (kg / lbs)

170 / 374.8

215 / 474

255 / 562.2

Electrical requirements (230V, 1ph)

60Hz / 1.25 A 50Hz / 1.38 A 60Hz / 1.57 A 50Hz / 1.73 A 60Hz / 2.09 A 50Hz / 2.30 A

Cat. No.


Electrical requirements (120V, 1ph)

60Hz / 2.62 A 60Hz / 3.27 A 60Hz / 4.36 A

Cat. No.

Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

FDA-registered company.





  • ISO class 4 (US class 10) HEPA filter for optimal protection against cross-contamination.
  • 0.3 μm and larger particulates are removed with 99.99% efficiency, leak-tight HEPA filter which satisfies class 10. (US Federal Standard 209E)
    (average life span of HEPA filter: 3 years – it depends on the test room conditions) (optional)
  • High-quality polyester fiber pre-filter (with minimal pressure loss and 85% arrested on the A.F.I. test) for trapping larger particles and increasing the life of the main HEPA filter.
  • Digital airflow rate sensor (microprocessor) for automated airflow speed control.
    - Offers continual airflow speed of the same velocity and extends the HEPA filter life span.
  • Exclusive diffusing muffler structure forms high-quality laminar flow.
  • Quiet and comfortable working environment. (less than 65dB)

JT_BC-01H_Clean_Bench_Picture_w_Person1                              JT_BC-01H_Clean_Bench_Picture_w_Person


  • • Interlocking smart door system
    - Simply open the door while the UV lamp is on. The interlocking smart door system will automatically turn off the UV lamp, and turn on the fluorescent lamp and blower instead of your manual control.
  • Two digital displays for the best convenience.
    - Even if any test is ongoing inside of the chamber, unit conditions such as velocity, temperature and humidity can be easily checked by the inner and outside displays.
  • Digital differential pressure sensor allows for easy verification of HEPA filter condition great for knowing when to change HEPA filter.
  • When UV light intensity is lower than 80%, the UV warning lamp is automatically on to let users know when to change UV lamp.
  • Comfortable front access to cartridge-type of filters for easy replacement.
  • Highly durable, rust-free, and easy-to-clean grade 304 stainless steel work surface.
  • The inner left side magnetic board allows some memos and small tools.


  • UV-blocking and impact-resistant tempered glass door.
  • If the sash is opened more than the recommended sash height level, during operation, a warning alarm will activate and alarm users to lower the window to the recommended sash level to prevent contamination of samples.
  • If the sash is opened during UV-lamp operation, the UV lamp automatically turns off to protect users.
  • Smoothly sliding front door stoppable at any height for user’s safety and easy transport of equipment into the workspace.
  • Protection against over-current.


Product Note Status Price
HEPA Filter for BC-01B/E/H Clean Bench HEPA Filter for BC-01B/E/H Clean Bench
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Pre-Filter for BC-01B/E/H Clean Bench Pre-Filter for BC-01B/E/H Clean Bench
$108.24 *
Delivery weight: 4 lb
Stand w/ Casters for BC-01B/H Clean Bench Stand w/ Casters for BC-01B/H Clean Bench
$698.00 *
Delivery weight: 45 lb
Gas Cock for BC-01/11/21B-H Clean Bench Fume Hoods Gas Cock for BC-01/11/21B-H Clean Bench Fume Hoods
$356.40 *
Delivery weight: 2 lb
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