Lab Companion™ Basic Stand (BS-02) for MSA/MSD & MSH Overhead Stirrers

Product no.: AAA37503

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Lab Companion™


AAA37503 Basic Stand (BS-02) includes "square" type base and one support rod, each


Cat. No. Description
AAA37501 Dial stand 1 (DS-01), (W×D×H, 400×400×700 / 15.75×15.75×27.56˝)
AAA37502 Basic stand 1 (BS-01), (W×D×H, 400×400×700 / 15.75×15.75×27.56˝)
AAA37503 Basic stand 2 (BS-02, (W×D×H, 300×400×700 / 11.81×15.75×27.56˝)
AAA37504 Basic stand 3 (BS-03), (W×D×H, 250×350×700 / 9.84×13.78×27.56˝)
MSS0051 Support Rod, M14 (Ø15x500mm / Ø0.59x19.68˝)
MSS0052 Support Rod, M14 (Ø18x500mm / Ø0.71x19.68˝)
MSS0053 Support Rod, M14 (Ø20x500mm / Ø0.79x19.68˝)


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