Plas Labs 890-THC Temp & Humidity Controlled Glove Box w/ Transfer Chamber

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890-THC Temperature & Humidity Controlled Glove Box 




Temperature and Humidity Controlled Glove Box



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The NEW #890-THC accurately maintains temperature and humidity (Rh) inside a roomy single-operator glove box. We also offer multiple operator units.

The unit is operated by merely touching the color control screen for the functions desired. It includes your private password-protected administrator controls. Touch screen viewing of the data logging function is included as well as a serial port connection for data logging.

Automatic purging cycles can be programmed. The humidity range control accuracy is ± 2% Rh. Temperature can be regulated in either “F” or “C” degrees and the Peltier style thermoelectric assembly is accurate to ± 2 degrees C. The temperature range is from 16 to 44 degrees C.



Standard Features of the Temperature and Humidity-Controlled Glove Box:


  • • Password protected, configurable “PID” controlled.
  • • Inert gas hookup capability.
  • • White ambidextrous HypalonTM gloves.
  • • Platinum RTD with sealing gland.
  • • Four (4) pre-set conditions.
  • • 24-hour one-touch, on-screen data logging.
  • • Room temperature and Rh readouts.
  • • Thermoelectric assembly (Peltier device).
  • • Nebulizer for the Rh system.
  • • The top section is one piece of clear acrylic plastic for easy viewing.  
  • • 4 key cock valves for purging. 2 in the main chamber & 2 in the transfer chamber.
  • • 8” (203 mm) Color panel touch screen. Date and time display.
  • • Humidity (Rh) transmitter with 8 feet of sensor cable.
  • • Serial port for external computer data logging & remote access.
  • • “Bright Light” system (40,000-hour lamp guarantee).





Specs & Ordering Information
Model 890-THC & 890-THC/DT
Inside Dimensions (WxDxH) 41" x 28" x 26" / 1067 x 711 x 660mm
Outside Dimensions (includes Transfer Chamber) WxDxH 55" x 35" x 38" / 1397 x 889 x 665mm
Transfer Chamber (Lx I.D.)  12" x 11" / 305 x 280mm 
Latex glove Opening ( Ø ) 7"  / 175mm 
Volume  17.3 cu.ft. / 489L
Number of gloves 2
Temperature range  ambient to 16°C to 44°C   /   Accuracy: ±2°C
Humidity Control  (Rh) ±2%
Electrical (Hospital Grade) UL, CSA, CE 115v 50-60 Hz / 230v 50-60 Hz (Export)
Weight  450 lbs / 204 kg 
Warranty (excludes gloves and consumables)  2 years 




890-THC/DT with Optional Drying Train System 

The drying train accessories include 2 canisters filled with Molecular Sieve™ and a circulation vacuum pump. This accessory can be used if a house supply of inert gas is not available. Periodic regeneration of the Molecular Sieve is recommended for optimal drying performance.   


Note: If the drying train is preferred, use Pn# 890-THC-DT (Domestic) or 890-THC-DT/EXP (Export).  




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