43 years of service and product distribution to the Academic, Aero-Space, Biotech, Clinical, Hospital, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Processing Labs, Military, Research, Veterinary, Scientific and Medical community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of our clients for the mutual trust and for allowing us to be part of your community. IMGEN BioEquipment-Scientific Division is a reliable source for diversified Biomedical & Research products.


Combining a high quality product line with a high level of technical expertise IMGEN continues to provide impeccable service and remains the first choice among decision makers the world over.

We started as a biomedical field service engineering company in 1980. We coined the phrase "The Centrifuge People" and then introduced biomedical products as an Authorized Distributor for quality products in 1986. Over the years, we have maintained a close relationship with our clients in providing high customer standards. The same attention to customer service drives us now as it did then.



To our E-Shop customers, we keep all our client information completely confidential. We do not give out nor share your data to any third party what-so-ever. Our system will except E-Shop orders online without asking you for a credit card. We simple contact you after we revise your E-Shop order, to assure for correct supporting accessories and to follow through with your credit card purchase or Purchase Order. Why? Our experience dictates that the internet is not a safe heaven to submit credit card orders. It is best for us to confirm your order to acheive absolute safety.


"BioE Ur Lab" with the latest in biotechnologies with IMGEN Technologies